Golf Tips

Ball Position

By Robb James on in Golf Tips.

Robb James, head professional at Royal Mayfair Golf Club gives a golf tip on ball position.

Proper Alignment

By Lindsey Kotalyk on in Golf Tips.

Proper alignment helps to get your body square with where you want your golf ball to go. Lindsey Kotalyk’s video golf tip teaches us how choosing an intermediate target in front of the golf ball to line up your shot helps with proper alignment.  

Fairway Sand Shots

By Greg McGarry on in Golf Tips.

Effectively hitting fairway sand shots is the topic of this video golf tip by golf pro Greg McGarry who teaches us the easiest way to play fairway sand shots.

Driver Setup

By Mike Belbin on in Golf Tips.

Mike Belbin of the Royal Mayfair Golf Club discusses driver setup and shoulder angle when using the driver.

Putting Tips

By Adam Wisser on in Golf Tips.

Golf Pro Adam Wisser teaches putting psychology and the mental aspect of putting in this video golf tip.

Recovery Shot

By Jacob Cartier on in Golf Tips.

Jacob Cartier of Royal Mayfair County Club demonstrates the recovery shot used to get a player out of trouble and back on the fairway.

Putting From The Edge Of The Green

By Darrell McDonald on in Golf Tips.

Video golf tip┬áteaching the technique of putting from the edge of the green by Darrell McDonald of Mill Woods Golf Club.  

Sand Shots

By Mark Hutchings on in Golf Tips.

In this video golf tip, Mark Hutchings of Stony Plain Golf Course, teaches golfers how to play sand shots.

Club Selection

By Matt Gawley on in Golf Tips.

Golf Professional Matt Gawley of Royal Mayfair Golf Club demonstrates proper club selection for chipping on the green in this video golf tip.


By Matt Yeo on in Golf Tips.

In this video golf tip, Matt Yeo of Fort-in-View Golf Course teaches golfers about chipping.